Concrete Installation in Terrytown, LA

Concrete Installation in Terrytown, LA

Nola Concrete LLC's concrete installation in Terrytown, LA, will leave you a new or refinished concrete surface that will not only improve the appearance of your property but also increase the value of your home. Our concrete contractors are ready to provide the best concrete installations in Terrytown, LA, and the surrounding areas. We are also proficient in stamping concrete. That provides impressive-looking surfaces. If you are having a new home constructed, trust us to lay your concrete foundation.

Concrete Installation in Terrytown, LA – Concrete Stamping

Concrete Stamping

Detail-oriented concrete stamping for indoor and outdoor surfaces leaves you with durable, easy-to-clean surfaces. Your decorative stamped concrete can be designed to look like brick, stone, or old English face bricks in a variety of colors. We can incorporate multiple designs into your project, and if we do not have the design you are envisioning, custom orders are available.

Concrete stamping can be a part of your new concrete installation, or it can be an overlay on your existing concrete surfaces. If you want us to stamp an existing patio, we overlay 1/4 of an inch and then stamp on it. This improves the appearance of your concrete without the cost of demolishing it out and starting from scratch.

Concrete Pumping

If you want concrete installation in a hard-to-access location, concrete pumping is available to increase the swiftness and efficiency of your project. Rather than use a wheelbarrow to hump the concrete to the rear of a property or down to the basement, we pump the concrete through a pipe directly to its destination.

Concrete Staining

Give your old concrete a fresh new appearance by requesting our concrete staining services. You can browse the variety of colors that are available on color charts, just as you would if you were painting the walls of your house. After staining your concrete, cinder blocks, walls, or columns, our contractors clear coat the surface so it looks great for as long as possible. For an additional charge, we will score lines, diamonds, and other designs into the surface.

Concrete Installation in Terrytown, LA – Concrete Staining