Concrete Installation in Terrytown, LA

Professional Concrete Installation in New Orleans, LA

Enhance the look and value of your property with a new concrete installation in New Orleans, LA. At Nola Concrete LLC, we work on both interior and exterior concrete solutions, ensuring that all your surfaces look amazing. We can even add a decorative touch to your concrete through our staining and stamping solutions. So whether you need to install a new concrete patio or refinish your garage floor, trust our skilled concrete contractors to handle the work.

Concrete Installation in Terrytown, LA – Concrete Stamping

Stamping Out Unique Patterns

With our detail-oriented concrete stamping services, you can add a unique look and texture to any of your interior or exterior surfaces. Stamping can be used to make your concrete look like brick, stone, or old English face bricks in a variety of colors. Our team can also create custom patterns and designs to give your concrete a one-of-a-kind look.

Our stamping service can be done as part of a new installation, or it can be made with an overlay on your existing concrete surface. To stamp an existing surface, our team will pour a 1/4” of concrete and then apply the new design to it, which lets us improve the look of your surface without the need of tearing it out and starting fresh.

Laying Concrete Anywhere

If you have a hard-to-access area that needs a new concrete surface, then our concrete pumping service is the right solution. Using a pipe, we can pump then concrete directly to its destination, saving time on the installation project.

Adding Color to Your Surface

Do you have an old concrete surface that is drab and boring? With concrete staining, our teams will add a splash of color to your surface, enhancing its overall look and giving your property a fresh new appearance. After staining, we will use a clear coat to ensure your concrete looks at its best for years.

Concrete Installation in Terrytown, LA – Concrete Staining